As with the other flights, the reds are utterly loyal to their Aspect, Alexstrasza. Her consorts, such as Tyranastraz and Korialstraz, are treated with great respect, by the reds and the other flights. The Reds are typically the only dragons mortals are likely to encounter, with the exception of the druidic allies of the greens. Like all dragons, they take their charges seriously and usually operate in secret, keeping tabs on important beings, organizations, and places. As a result, the Red Dragonflight's agents are often away, spreading themselves throughout Azeroth, and using their powers to disguise themselves as members of the mortal races, such as humans or elves. Like all dragons, the Reds have the ability to create illusions on themselves and others. Often the dragons have mortals, the dragonsworn, working on gathering information or doing other related errands.

All this is done to maintain harmony and the prosperity of life, the task entrusted to them. Due to Alexstrasza's influence, the Red dragonflight see themselves as the defenders and custodians of all life on Azeroth.  Red Dragons understand the secrets of life, and in turn those of death, like none others do, and have been granted great power over both. They are capable of rejuvenating and draining life, as well as performing a form of necromancy, though only as a last resort, as they are not fond of doing so. The breath of red dragons burns but also rejuvenates, and whenever a red dragon walks or breaths upon the soil, the earth is renewed.

While red dragons are the defenders of life, they will not hesitate to kill a creature if its actions endanger other lives.  Many members of the red flight still remain distrustful towards mortals, especially the orcs, citing they have brought only danger and death to the world. Generally, though, red dragons are friendly to humans, elves, and their other traditional allies; for the most part, it is the representatives of the flight near Grim Batol who acted strangely hostile to any outsiders. The drake Axtroz and the dragonspawn located there will attack adventurers on sight.

Adult red dragons most often have names ending in "strasz", or "strasza" for females. When taking humanoid form red dragons most often choose human, high elven, or blood elven forms.


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