Lord Anduin Lothar

Sir Anduin Lothar, The Lion of Stormwind, was the last true decendant of the ancient Arathi bloodline, a knight champion of the Kingdom of Stormwind during the First War, and the supreme commander of the armies of the Lordaeron Alliance during the Second War.   He perished in combat at the base of Blackrock Mountain against the orc Warchief Ogrim Doomhammer just before the end of the Second War and the destruction of the Dark Portal.  He is considered one of the greatest human warriors of all time.  

Once in the court of King Tereneas Menethil II of Lordaeron, Lothar told the dire story of the First War to everyone who would listen.  Lothar's eloquent pleas ultimately brought the human kingdoms together for an emergency council, where his friend Terenas' masterful politics created the Alliance of Lordaeron.  

Because of his great skill in warfare and experience with orcs, and because the kings of the north were not comfortable placing their troops in the command of a rival nation, Lothar – a neutral party – was named the supreme commander of the Alliance forces.  He quickly named Uther Lightbringer his second in command, and Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and Archmage Antonidas as his lieutenants.  Throughout the war, he led his forces from battle to battle with valour and skill.  After the Horde's mysterious retreat from Lordaeron and Grand Admiral Proudmoore's victories at sea, Lothar led the armies of the Alliance to liberate much of Stormwind and Khaz Modan, eventually breaching the Black Morass itself.  Lothar was killed at the foot of Blackrock Mountain after a force of Alliance troops he personally commanded was ambushed by the Horde.  

He became separated from the main body of his troops in what is perhaps the greatest battle in Azeroth's history.  Amid the chaos, he was forced into combat with Warchief Ogrim Doomhammer.  After a long and draining fight, Lothar was defeated after his sword was shattered by the Doomhammer, his skull crushed by a powerful blow from the legendary weapon.  

Doomhammer believed that Lothar's death would break the morale of the Alliance, but what happened was quite the opposite.  As Uther Lightbringer took up Lothar's shield, he led the armies of the Alliance in vengance against Doomhammer and the Horde and pushed them all the way to the Dark Portal where Antonidas managed to destroy it, ending the Second War. 


Lord Anduin Lothar

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