Dragons of the green flight are highly reclusive. While the greens are the most populous flight left on Azeroth, they are also the most difficult to find on the mortal realm. Green dragons are creatures of the Emerald Dream, the ethereal dreamworld that all life is a part of, and spend the vast majority of their lives within it. Time is meaningless inside the Dream and as a result the green dragonflight is extremely long-lived. Ysera's consorts in particular almost never emerge and are effectively immortal.  Other flights often call greens "brothers and sisters of Dream," in respect to the realm from which they hail.

The green flight watches over nature, often assisted by the elven druids. Many elves form such a close bond with the green flight they become dragonsworn, though dragonsworn of other races are suspected. The dragons and druids work closely together within the dream where they can control the ebb and flow of nature and influence the evolutionary path it takes. As a result of Ysera's charge, the greens guard the Great Trees, and can simultaneously see the landscape of Azeroth, and the corresponding dreamscape. This enchanted vision, known as dreamsight, allows green dragons to perceive their surroundings with perfect clarity despite their closed eyes.

The green dragonflight is a peaceful, meditative society and most greens spend their time in quiet contemplation and the study of dreams. Greens are, like the other flights, highly intelligent and always striving to learn more about the world they were entrusted to protect, fretting out the mysteries of creation and life – but keeping all such secrets hidden within the Emerald Dream. They spend their time there interacting with creatures of myth and illusion. The Greens are a surprisingly swift flight, moving fast, often teleporting through the dream to wherever their thoughts lead. As a result the greens are often the least interested about happenings in the mortal realm and must often have any major events brought to their attention by the dragons of other flights. When they venture to the physical world, they act as though it is the illusion and the realm from which they hail is the only source of reality, often only appearing as an illusion in half ethereal forms, or not physically at all.

Some Green dragon names are derived from things that are related to sleep. When taking humanoid form green dragons most often choose elven forms.




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