Bronze dragons are very cunning, much like blues, and value wisdom and patience over all else. Nozdormu, their patron Aspect of Time, is patience incarnate. Bronze dragons exist to keep the time stream inviolate and the order of events progressing as the fates intended.  Bronze dragons are very sensitive to the flow and ebb of the time stream, especially Nozdormu and his prime consort Soridormi. From within their home, The Caverns of Time, located underneath the vast sands of the Tanaris desert, the wardens of time can often be found diguising themselves in mortal guises and entering the timestreams, which they constantly attempt to maintain and repair.

Bronze dragons are often solitary creatures. They can best be described as aloof and introspective, constantly thinking and debating options in their mind. Bronze dragons are often seen near humanoid civilization. They disguise themselves and join mortal societies for extended periods of time, often without ever revealing their true identities, possibly for the reason of research or simply because they enjoy doing so. Bronzes will sometimes become actively involved with the communities they have joined and will lend a hand in order to maintain the safety of the present world at large. They keep watch over occupied regions to watch the development of other races and monitor how events impact the progress of fate.[5]

A few individuals, possibly dragonsworn, tied to the bronze dragonflight, refer to themselves as Watchers. 


Bronze dragon names sometimes end in "-dormu", or "-dormi" for females, but frequently have names that relate to elements of Time. When taking humanoid form bronze dragons most often choose human, High Elven, or gnomish forms.


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