Gracchus Tyresian

Blue Dragonborn Paladin of unquestionable character and fortitude

STR 16 3
CON 14 2
DEX 18 -1
INT 11 0
WIS 12 1
CHA 18 4
AC 19
REF 13

Bastard Sword – +6 Attack


Taken in as a child by the Knights of the Silver Hand, Gracchus grew up knowing very little about his own kind. Descended from a blue dragon, perhaps the most rare of the remaining dragons, he sought diligently to find out more about his race and its history. In his studies he discovered two very important things. Though he had always felt the calling of some higher deity, he was unable to believe in the scattered and unruly gods of the humans he lived with. That is, until he uncovered an ancestral scroll detailing observance to Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. With the permission of the Silver Hand he set up a shrine and began regular observance. From that point he dedicated his life to the defense of those in need as a Holy Warrior of Bahamut. Related to his discovery of Bahamut came another revelation – blue dragons were entrusted with the protection of magic by Bahamut himself. And though he is grateful to the Knights of the Silver Hand for taking him in all those years ago, he now realizes that his ultimate loyalty lies with Bahamut and his decrees.

Gracchus Tyresian

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