Day of the Dragon

Irontooth's Lair

After defeating the kobolds outside the waterfall, the party entered the chamber behind the waterfall, led by an intrepid Boin. He tried to bluff his way to Irontooth, but the kobolds in charge would have none of it. When one of these kobolds realized that he was wearing the symbol previously worn by Marty, he began screaming. It was not long before the party was engaged in pitched battle. Boin managed to fight off several of them until help could arrive from beyond the waterfall, but ended up taking more damage than he probably should have. Sigrun and Hafnir continued to be particularly deadly. Soon Irontooth made his way to the battle, wielding a double-bladed axe. Gracchus tried to soak up damage while receiving healing and help from Boin. Thanks to some flanking maneuvers and other coordinated strategies of the party, Irontooth was down quickly. His war chest contained a number of items, but perhaps the two most interesting were the magic armor and a letter. The letter, from Kalarel, detailed plans to open a rift in a keep not terribly far away, possibly beginning a third war. The party realized that it would be necessary to find this keep and stop the rift from being opened.



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