Day of the Dragon

Into Alterac

The party was assembled at a joyful celebration in Lordaeron and sent off by none other than King Terenas II, along with two other parties with other missions. Each of us had our missions explained to us by different people, but from what I gathered the main mission we shared was ascertaining the motives or forces compelling the red dragons to aid the orcs in their continued assaults on the Lordaeron Alliance. This is to be a secret mission, however, and to that end we are traveling rather a roundabout path to our intended destination, and offering aid to those in need as we travel. Thus we started for Alterac and rode five days through the mountains toward Winterhaven. On our approach to Winterhaven, having dismounted our steeds, we encountered an ambush of kobolds. These we dispatched with obvious skill, albeit laboriously. Our cleric, warlock, and rogue distinguished themselves in this battle, while our paladin struggled to hit anything.

Having surmounted our first encounter we arrived in Winterhaven and were directed to the inn to find lodging and perhaps win an audience with the mayor/lord of the town. In doing so we also managed to acquire a duty that we could not shirk: ridding the town of a foul hideout of kobolds some distance away. We are preparing to undertake this very mission this very moment.


Nice, Bryan. I like the summary. There’s a lot more coming as I’m spending my drive to work listening to D&D podcasts, etc. :)

Into Alterac

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