Day of the Dragon

Dragon Bones

Victorious over Irontooth, the party set out to find the keep. They came to the edge of what looked like a crater in the middle of the forest. It soon became apparent that there were people working in the crater, though their clothes were in absolute shambles and they appeared to be close to starvation. Guarding the approach were two dragon-ish creatures, though much, much smaller in size. Using his natural ability to tell outlandish lies and get away with it, Hafnir bluffed his way into the crater, taking Sigrun and Gracchus along. Boin smelled a trap and would not accompany the party, prefering to stay back in the woods and watch from a distance. Though Gracchus and Hafnir’s lies were compelling, they were not able to keep up the ruse, and were set upon by the emaciated men and several other creatures. Seeing what had happened from afar, Boin engaged the two dragon-ish guardians and probably saved the whole party from destruction. He was knocked unconscious in the process, however, and was subsequently revived after the battle.

In the middle of this crater was an even deeper pit containing some very, very large bones. It was obvious that this was the burial site of a dragon – but that fact was odd in itself, for dragons are usually solitary creatures and are not often buried. Along with the massive bones the party found a mirror, which was giving off a humming sound. Though wary of approaching the mirror, Gracchus eventually picked up the mirror. Immediately he was given a vision of the dragon as it was before it died. It was a blue dragon. Though not understanding this at the time, Gracchus was sure that this information would come in handy at some later point, as blue dragons tend to be guardians of magical things – like, perhaps, the mirror.

Hearing something akin to a scuffling sound, Sigrun untied a large bag on the edge of the crater. Inside she found none other than Douven Staul, the person that she had been instructed to find. Their conversation was secret, but the party quickly realized that while they were together in their purpose to help the residents of the Lordaeron Alliance, they perhaps also had separate purposes as well. Staul told of his captivity at the hands of the people digging here, and recommended the execution of the remaining member, a gnome. He also said he had overheard them talking about how the mirror may help open a rift. Under interrogation, the gnome seemed very frightened of the one who had sent him to find the mirror, but gave the party very little information beyond that. Staul dispatched him shortly thereafter. The party decided to give the mirror, which was no longer humming, to Staul, so he could take it back to Valthrun the Prescient in Winterhaven – either to be destroyed or to be kept safe in the same container that had held the captured emblems Boin had wanted to keep so badly.

Irontooth's Lair

After defeating the kobolds outside the waterfall, the party entered the chamber behind the waterfall, led by an intrepid Boin. He tried to bluff his way to Irontooth, but the kobolds in charge would have none of it. When one of these kobolds realized that he was wearing the symbol previously worn by Marty, he began screaming. It was not long before the party was engaged in pitched battle. Boin managed to fight off several of them until help could arrive from beyond the waterfall, but ended up taking more damage than he probably should have. Sigrun and Hafnir continued to be particularly deadly. Soon Irontooth made his way to the battle, wielding a double-bladed axe. Gracchus tried to soak up damage while receiving healing and help from Boin. Thanks to some flanking maneuvers and other coordinated strategies of the party, Irontooth was down quickly. His war chest contained a number of items, but perhaps the two most interesting were the magic armor and a letter. The letter, from Kalarel, detailed plans to open a rift in a keep not terribly far away, possibly beginning a third war. The party realized that it would be necessary to find this keep and stop the rift from being opened.

On the Trail of Kobolds

Not long after taking up the trail of the Kobolds, our party was once again ambushed by Kobolds. Gracchus did an admirable job of soaking up damage as well as attention, as Halfnir and Sigrun attempted to wipe them out one by one. Boin put his Divine powers to effective use, dealing damage and aiding Gracchus at the same time. One kobold, more stealthy than the rest, attempted to backstab Sigrun, but Gracchus was able to warn her of the threat just in time. Soon the pawns were dealt with, and Gracchus distracted the leader while Halfnir teleported behind him to put a swift end to the encounter. The most disturbing fact of the encounter was not being ambushed on the road, but the level of organization apparent in the encounter. They were being led by an obvious leader, who was able to breathe acid, and was found to have been wearing a medallion belonging to a demon lord.

Continuing on, the party soon made found themselves following a shallow stream to a waterfall. Gracchus, with his Dragon eyes, was able to locate a large number of kobolds in the vicinity, as well as a cave hidden behind the waterfall. Gracchus also noted a kobold performing some spell or ritual inside a cirlce of glowing stones. Realizing that brute force may not be enough to face these kobolds, Gracchus pretended to tie Boin up as a prisoner, donned the medallion, and approached the kobolds in search of their leader. The minions were doubtful of Gracchus’ authenticity, but their leaders were more receptive to his proposal. Gracchus proposed sacrificing Boin in the circle of stones as a rite to the demon lord. The kobolds agreed, and eagerly crowded around the circle, Gracchus and Boin in the center. In a flurry of motion, Gracchus untied Boin, and Halfnir, who had been hiding in the trees near the circle, threw a shuriken at the toughest looking kobold. Boin then unleashed his powers. The circle of stones, apparently, amplifies magic, and the Holy power of Boin’s attack killed all but 2 of the pitiful creatures. Gracchus and Sigrun proceeded to make short work of the remaining kobolds, who attempted to retreat to the cave, calling for their leader, Irontooth.

Into Alterac

The party was assembled at a joyful celebration in Lordaeron and sent off by none other than King Terenas II, along with two other parties with other missions. Each of us had our missions explained to us by different people, but from what I gathered the main mission we shared was ascertaining the motives or forces compelling the red dragons to aid the orcs in their continued assaults on the Lordaeron Alliance. This is to be a secret mission, however, and to that end we are traveling rather a roundabout path to our intended destination, and offering aid to those in need as we travel. Thus we started for Alterac and rode five days through the mountains toward Winterhaven. On our approach to Winterhaven, having dismounted our steeds, we encountered an ambush of kobolds. These we dispatched with obvious skill, albeit laboriously. Our cleric, warlock, and rogue distinguished themselves in this battle, while our paladin struggled to hit anything.

Having surmounted our first encounter we arrived in Winterhaven and were directed to the inn to find lodging and perhaps win an audience with the mayor/lord of the town. In doing so we also managed to acquire a duty that we could not shirk: ridding the town of a foul hideout of kobolds some distance away. We are preparing to undertake this very mission this very moment.


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